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Hotel Buyuk Londra Guest Rooms

With our rooms at various sizes and locations in the hotel, there is something for everyone. Some rooms are recently decorated. All rooms have private baths.

Balcony Golden Horn Room

Grand Hotel de Londres Balcony Golden Horn Room
Double-bed rooms with a balcony overlooking the Golden Horn

Agatha Christie Room

Grand Hotel de Londres Economy Room
These are the largest rooms in our hotel and contain one double and one single bed.

Orient Express Room

Grand Hotel de Londres Orient Express Room
Located at the corner of the hotel overlooking the sea, these rooms have one double bed and a single bed.

Economy Room

These rooms are located at the back side of the building (do not have windows facing the street) and are on the small side. (twin, double or single bed)

Standart Room

All standart rooms face the street next to the hotel, Kallavi. These rooms are average in size and have small private baths with shower. (twin or double beds)

Standart Renovated Room

These rooms are located at the fifth floor, next to the terrace bar. (elevator goes up to fourth floor) Although smaller than standart rooms, they are recently refurbished and cozier. (twin or double bed)
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